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Fashion able - wheelie style

Updated: Oct 16, 2018

I was thrilled to see Grazia's big fashion issue featuring disabled models showing the one in five disabled people in the UK that they too can be visible. Fashion is for all, we all deserve to wear what makes us feel fabulous!

My sister is a wheelchair user so I am fully aware of how practical her clothes need to be but that doesn't mean she sacrifices her style. When we are shopping we are mindful that not every trend will suit but that goes for everyone able bodied too. Here is my guide for what to wear when using wheels but as always my no.1 rule is if you love it wear it!

* Look for items that fit properly and comfy for being seated for long periods.

* Consider fabrics that don't crease too much.

* Go for high waisted elasticated trousers or jeggings for comfort, ease of dressing and avoiding exposing anything. My sister finds that a top that fits fine seated can bare her lower back when stretching forward or transferring from her wheelchair so higher waisted trousers are a better option.

* Jackets that are shorter in the body or cropped means you won't be sat on the hem or be bunched up at the hips.

* Three quarter length sleeves or ruched sleeves won't get caught or dirty on the wheels.

* Stretch fabric tops will be easier to get yourself dressed without a carer.

* Tops with looser fit across the shoulders and upper arms aren't as restrictive so will help you self propel those wheels.

* Being seated you are at a different level than others standing so unless you want to flaunt your cleavage go for a slightly higher neckline.

* Add accessories to give a more put together look and show your personal style. They will always fit well & can add a pop of colour or interest to a more basic outfit.

* Be you! Fashion is a way of expressing yourself. Show your style and be visible.

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