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School Run Style - make the weekday morning rush easier with my tips

Now the kids are (finally!) back to school and the weather has changed it's time to think about ourselves and new season style. First of all my post title 'School run style' is not meant to panic anyone. This is just a short guide to take the stress out of what to wear in the morning. I've had clients who are new school Mums worrying that they will be judged on what they wear at the school gates and anxious to fit in with others but in my experience everyone is too busy worrying about their own shit to pay attention to who is wearing what so as always my disclaimer is wear what you are happy and comfortable in rather than trying to fit in with a 'mum uniform'. After the year we've had lets cut ourselves some slack and celebrate life getting back to some normality instead of stressing about clothes for the school run.

If you do want to spruce up your look for this term then take a look at my tips below. If you follow me on Instagram @styled_by_lucy I will also share some easy looks on my stories too for some style inspiration.

1. Perform a Wardrobe Edit or hire a Stylist to do it for you!

With a new school year and a new season, September is a great time to have a wardrobe detox. Take out anything that doesn't fit, is tatty & not repairable or you haven't worn in a long time. Pack away your summer/holiday clothes that you can't adapt for the colder months and store elsewhere. You just want the current season items to hand (and those which you actually wear) so you aren't wasting time flicking through hangers of stuff and then you can see all your options. As you go through your wardrobe think about how you can wear items differently and put outfits together. This will save you lots of time making the morning rush easier.

A wardrobe consultation is one of my services if you need help with this.

2. Nail your outerwear

We'll spend the majority of the school year in coats and jackets and that's pretty much all anyone sees so it‘s important to get that right. Invest in a good classic winter coat that will last year after year which suits your colour palette and is flattering for your body shape (if you aren't sure then ask a Stylist!). A flattering good quality coat will spruce up your style with minimal effort.

The other staples for the school run are a waterproof raincoat (it always rains on the school run) and a blazer/ shacket/ leather jacket that you can throw over anything. Size up as if it's slightly bigger you can layer up depending on the weather.

3. Dress for the rest of your day

I had one client who wasted time dressing for the school run in what she saw as her yummy mummy clothes just for that half hour of her day and then when she got home would change into her corporate clothes & back out the door for her office commute. Her worry was that other Mums would think she was stand offish if she was suited and booted for work. It was a faff she didn't need. You see a whole variety of outfits on the school run but actually no-one pays that much attention. I could be tarted up & heavy make up ready for a TV appearance and the next day in my comfies for a day of house chores and bleaching the loos, no-one bats an eyelid either way.

4. Running late? Chuck on your gym kit

Even if you aren't planning to workout that day, nobody knows that. I'm the late disorganised Mum so when I'm pushed for time & late (again!) I'll just don my activewear for the school run. Bonus is it also motivates me to actually get to my exercise class later on too.

5. Never wear your jimjams

If you've taken the time to read this style blog (thank you) then I'm guessing you probably wouldn't consider wearing your pyjamas to school but however late you are/ close to the school you live/ think no-one will notice with a coat chucked over, don't do it! "Think of the children!" Even if you don't give a shit your kids will if their classmates spot you and take the piss.

The solution to all your style worries is to have a capsule wardrobe of everyday essentials that are flattering for your colouring and body shape. Having a wardrobe of items that you love, fits and you know suits your personality and lifestyle make getting dressed everyday for every occasion quicker and easier. If you need help with this then let me know.

Good luck to all the newbies starting school! Fingers crossed for rain free school runs this term xxx

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