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Colour Analysis



Find your range of your most flattering colours...


Most people’s wardrobes are filled with colours they like or feel safe with, rather than what colours actually suit them; plenty of black being the most common choice!

The truth is that the wrong colours can actually have a very negative and ageing impact on you by casting shadows onto the face, exaggerating uneven skin tone and making the complexion look dull, tired, drained, washed out, flat, grubby or sallow. The right colours can instantly make you look younger, more radiant and healthier by diminishing lines, blemishes and dark circles, bringing definition to your features and defining your bone structure.

During your session we will work together using specially selected drapes to determine which colours harmonise with and enhance your natural skin tones, finding you your range of flattering colours for your hair, make-up and clothes.

You are your colour season for life so it really is a style investment and will make shopping easier and help you build a flattering co-ordinated wardrobe.

£70  (includes a digital seasonal colour card)

I also offer colour consultations for groups. Book with friends and get a discount! Contact me to find out more. 

Personal Shopping

Help and advice on what clothes to buy that are perfect for you.

My main objective is to get you new items that make you look and feel great; that are perfect for your shape, colour, and lifestyle… all within your desired budget no matter what your age or size.

What happens during a Personal Shop?

  • Before we hit the shops we will discuss your requirements so I have a clear understanding of your brief.

  • I will search the shops before your personal shop so I’m already aware of what’s out there in both the high street and designer stores depending on your budget and have a rail of items ready for you.

  • Together we’ll spend up to 3 hours at the shops and I will teach you key styling rules as we go along.

  • I’ll save you time, easing the frustration created from rummaging through shelves and rails. Unlike personal shoppers in department stores, I don’t work on commission so have no alliances to any particular stores. It’s my job to find you the right clothes within your price range and it is completely up to you how many purchases you make.

  • By the end of the day, you’ll be the proud owner of some fabulous new clothes and know how to shop confidently in future.

Half Day Personal Shopping £300 

* initial telephone consultation

* 1 hour pre-shop & research prior to meeting on the day

* Up to 3 hours shopping 

* An overview including any shopping links of out of stock items

(Plus travel expenses if out of Bristol)

Image by Charles Deluvio
Wardrobe Consultation



Help and advice on your existing wardrobe.


During your Wardrobe Consultation I will...

  • Identify your body shape and teach you the key rules on how to dress for your individual shape.

  • Show you what’s working in your existing wardrobe, what’s no longer suitable but most importantly explain why.

  • Show you how to put together new looks with your existing clothes.

  • Advise on which items can be altered or re-vamped.

  • Help you create a Capsule Wardrobe of key pieces that create multiple looks for work, weekend and evening wear with items that can be dressed up and dressed down, from season to season.

  • Leave you with an organised and uncluttered wardrobe space.


£180* for up to 2 hours


* Plus travel expenses if out of Bristol

Image by Amanda Vick
Gift Vouchers



Make Someone Feel Amazing...


Gift vouchers make lovely and unique presents whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary, wedding, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, a leaving present or any other special treat.


Give your loved ones a dose of style with a unique, thoughtful and unforgettable gift.


Contact me to discuss the right gift voucher for your recipient.

Vouchers must be redeemed within 1 year of purchase.

Image by Jess Bailey
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